Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Jan. News 1

Upcoming Events
·      Monday, Jan. 18th – Jan. Book Orders Due
·      Monday, Jan. 14th – Dibels testing
·       Tuesday, Jan. 15th – Reading NWEA testing
·       Thursday, Jan. 17th – Math NWEA testing
·      Friday, Jan. 18th - Homecoming
·      Monday, Jan. 21st – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
·      Monday, Jan. 21st – Delayed start
This week in class!
Language Arts:  - Essential Question –How can people help make your community better?
Letter of the week – Review letters & cvc words
Sight words of the week – do, up, and, my, is, at, play
Vocabulary words – community, improve, confused, harvest, quarrel
Category words – position words
ReadingCAFÉ reader friend – Digger Dog & Questioning Owl
Reader’s workshop Partner reading – taking turns listening & speaking. Picking good fit books.  Fluency practice and introducing RAZ kids (online reading program)
Grammar Sentences (parts of a sentence) and adjectives.
Writing Journal entries, pattern books (I like books complete) Handwriting practice.
Math: -
4.10  Explore capacity --solving pattern (homelink)
4.11 Counting by 10’s/making rope shapes (homelink)
4.12 top it with number cards
4.13 Number grid exploration/comparing capacities
Social Studies: - School wide expectations PBIS
Science: - Focus Question – How does a design of an object affect the speed or design of an object?
Instructional Question – How can we design a slide and barrier that change motion?
Technology: - RAZ kids, hideout, Splash Math

Happy January Birthdays!

Essian, McKenna, & Karli

Show-n-Tell this Friday
any new Christmas gifts 

Online RAZ kids

We are starting our reading online RAZ kids program this week.  The students will be taught how to use it during this week in class.  I will be sending home information for you and your child to help them login at home.  It is a leveled reading program that will help them increase their reading skills.  Our rule is to listen to the story twice, read it twice, and then take a test on it.

Testing Week

Next week, is our testing week to see the progress the kiddos have made so far in reading, math, and pre-literacy skills.  I posted above the dates we will be having our test days.  Please be aware of those dates, and make sure your little one has had a nutritious dinner and adequate sleep the night before.  I will share all testing results with you as soon they become available to me.

Nonsense Word Game

One of the pre-literacy skills they test is if the children can blend nonsense words together fluidly.  I am sending home a little nonsense word game you can play at home together.  Your child can sound it out slowing (b..i..v) or stretch it and say it (biv).  Please practice and have fun!

Morning Recess

If your child gets to school prior to 7:55, please send them to school in their snow plants and snow clothes on.  The children go outside for a morning recess between 7:40-7:55, too many kiddos are showing up with no snow clothes on and are heading outside not adequately dressed for the weather.  Please be aware of the weather and send them with hats, gloves, or even extra in their backpacks.

McBain Homecoming
Friday, Jan. 18th
McBain vs. NMC